Absolutely everything this con man has touched has needed replaced. Please avoid at all costs, this man should be ashamed of himself. It's been a complete nightmare job

Rutherglen #2,986 rating: 1/5

Why their coffe taste like shit? Every time and it taste like it got moisture in it like its rotten! Completely no taste!

Walsall #2,979 rating: 1/5

Carno is in Powys (the old part that was Montgomeryshire), not Gwynedd! Facebook makes the same mistake. Sort of error that gets propagated through the web!

#2,966 rating: 4/5

Best Thai ever !! Visited yesterday 12/02/17 Amazing food , amazing atmosphere & the chefs are amazing If you are going for a nice evening out or if you are going for food before a show at the mayflower this resta... read more

Southampton #2,965 rating: 5/5

Really loved being in this tattoo studio. Jason was so friendly and chatty, really put me at ease. We chatted for ages and I actually enjoyed having my tattoo done! I had small rose on my ankle which turned out 10x bette... read more

Swansea #2,921 rating: 5/5

most welcoming stables i have ever been to it has a warm feeling and it is always a pleasure to be around TJ and the horses. 99.9% of people that go there are satisfied about the stables and the people there

#2,916 rating: 5/5

Tasty food, reasonable price, excellent service and free delivery. I always go there and always get good service and delicious food. Specially the PIRI PIRI Chicken humm lovely. Highly recommended.

Horwich #2,913 rating: 5/5

Do not use, promises promises, took money for work, payed upfront like an idiot £2000 yet one excuse after another for why they couldn't turn up, this went on for months, no work done and no money given back. I hav... read more

Harefield #2,882 rating: 1/5

Excellent service Affordable prices Friendly staff I have been going here for years it has become our family salon Highly recommended ladies stylists also excellent Eyebrow threading also perfect

Sutton #2,866 rating: 5/5

Awful. Left the shop humiliated after the boss refused to cut my 2 year old son's hair because he was crying. I was told that I shouldn't have gone on a Saturday (I got there at 9.00 in the hope it would be qui... read more

Sutton #2,859 rating: 1/5